Psychotherapy, Counseling and Coaching: Getting started

The first session

In the first session we concentrate on getting to know each other. It is important for me to learn about your individual situation and what you wish to achieve through couples counseling, psychotherapy or coaching. Just as important is for you to get to know me and learn about the methods I use so that you can determine whether this form of counseling or therapy can be helpful and whether we can work together in a trusting and open atmosphere.

Costs, duration and frequency of therapy

Systemic therapy is a scientifically proven and effective method of psychotherapy (German Advisory Council on Psychotherapy, 2008). Nevertheless, the costs for Systemic Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy are not covered by German health insurers. Couples therapy in general is not included in German health care. Please ask for my rates by email or telephone.

Each couples therapy session lasts 90 minutes. Psychotherapy and coaching sessions take 60 minutes. Sessions should generally be separated by a period of two to four weeks, to give you sufficient time and opportunity to think about what we discussed in the last session and to test new ideas in your day-to-day life. Experience shows that you should expect to need 5 to 15 sessions. However, in each session, we will discuss whether you wish to continue and tailor the framework of the therapy according to your individual needs and expectations.


All personal information and the content of our discussions are handled with complete confidentiality.