Couples Therapy

Both partners in a relationship constantly face the challenge of balancing needs and wishes regarding love, partnership and sexuality. Each partner may bring to the relationship different expectations regarding things like autonomy and intimacy, and these expectations can change as the relationship develops. Those differences and changes can generate conflicts which are often difficult for a couple to resolve on their own. Recurring cycles of miscommunication, argument, withdrawal, resentment, accusation and despair indicate that a relationship has become off-balance and that external support and guidance might be helpful.

Couples therapy offers a space in which both partners decide together what they wish to change in their relationship. My job in this process is to help you recognize entrenched patterns of communication and interaction, to help you question these habits and identify new and more constructive forms of communication. The focus is also on cultivating both partners’ capacity to express wishes and needs more clearly. This can lead to better understanding, change and development.

Couples therapy, couples counseling and marriage counseling can help if you